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woman blending a smoothie at a counter with fruits and vegetables

A New Jersey woman recently filed a new SharkNinja blender lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey. She claims that while using the blender, she suffered serious injuries. She seeks compensatory damages to cover her medical expenses.

Plaintiff Claims to Have Been Injured by Exploding SharkNinja Blender

According to her complaint, the plaintiff was using her SharkNinja blender on February 7, 2021, when she suffered serious injuries as a result of the blender’s blade detaching from the blade base. This allowed the scalding hot contents in the blender to be forcefully ejected onto the plaintiff.

She claims that she suffered from serious bodily injuries, physical pain, and mental anguish that have resulted in a diminished enjoyment of life.

How a SharkNinja Blender May Cause Injuries

SharkNinja makes a variety of consumer products including the NutriNinja blender. These blenders have three basic components:

  1. A powered base unit that contains a high-speed motor (power base)
  2. A plastic cup-shaped container that holds the ingredients to be blended (cup)
  3. A plastic lid mounted with metal blades (blade base), which screws into the cup and is energized by the base

To use the blender, the consumer puts cool or room temperature food into the cup, secures the cup to the blade assembly, and places it onto the unit’s base. He or she then runs the blender by pressing down on the cup. The blades rotate at a very fast speed, creating friction as they cut and chop the cup’s contents. This causes the contents to heat up.

As the temperature rises inside the cup, the pressure also rises. If the temperature and pressure go high enough, they can force the cup to separate from the blade while the blender is still running. This can cause the hot contents of the cup to explode outward without warning, potentially injuring anyone who may be standing nearby.

Even if the cup doesn’t separate on its own, if the contents are hot and under pressure when the consumer opens it, those contents may still explode out onto the user, potentially causing injuries.

Other Fast-Speed Blenders and Pressure Cookers Named in Lawsuits

The plaintiff notes that there is “no pressure relief built into the plastic cup other than unscrewing the lid.” Neither are there any indicators showing that pressure has built up in the cup. This puts consumers at risk and makes the blenders unsafe.

The plaintiff says the manufacturers concealed these defects and failed to warn consumers about the potential dangers.

This is one of several similar blender lawsuits filed by plaintiffs who used them and then suffered from serious injuries. Most of these involve blenders like the SharkNinja—such as the NutriBullet—that have fast-rotating blades that can build up pressure and heat in the food container.

Pressure and heat issues have been linked to pressure cooker explosions as well, which can cause severe injuries. Plaintiffs who have filed lawsuits concerning these products note that the safety mechanisms advertised to prevent the lid from opening while the pot is under pressure don’t work as expected, putting consumers at risk.

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