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A group of medical professionals are calling on the World Health Organization to “hold firm in what seems to be its intention to impose strict regulations on electronic cigarettes.”

The letter, dated June 16, 2014, expresses concern and states that research shows that those who smoke e-cigarettes are “dual users” and also use regular cigarettes. It points out that “smokers who use ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) are less likely to stop smoking.”

This letter, signed by 129 medical professionals, was apparently in response to a different letter from 53 scientists which asked the WHO “not to classify e-cigarettes as tobacco products” in May 2014.

FDA Proposes E-Cigarette Regulations

On April 24, 2014, the FDA released a statement outlining new proposed regulations for e-cigarettes. Some of those regulations included requiring manufacturers to register products and ingredient lists with the FDA, FDA review before marketing new tobacco products, and confirmation of claims of reduced risk before selling the product to consumers.

One reason why so many public health officials are pushing for e-cigarette regulations is their apparent appeal to young kids. The National Youth and Tobacco Survey found that the percentage of high school students who said they used an e-cigarette in 2011 was at 2.4%. That number jumped to 10.0% in 2012.

E-cigarettes contain liquid nicotine that turns into a vapor when it is heated up and inhaled. Consumers have filed complaints about side effects including:

• Dizziness
• Sore throat
• Cough
• Headache
• Chest pain/cardiovascular problems
• Nose bleeds
• Allergic reactions

The FDA analyzed ingredients in a sample of cartridges from two e-cigarette brands and found carcinogens and diethylene glycol which is used in anti-freeze and is toxic to humans.

Popularity of E-Cigarettes is Rising

The popularity of the e-cigarettes appears to be on the rise. A study published in the Tobacco Control journal shows that currently there are over 400 brands of e-cigarettes and over 7,000 flavors available for consumers.

If you have any adverse reactions to using e-cigarettes you should contact the FDA to report it. Any side effects should be reported to your doctor. He or she will be able to tell you what your best course of action is to prevent further side effects.


  1. Gravatar for russ

    Hello. i strongly disagree with what is being stated. Kids abuse drugs 10xs worse than an e-cig and nothing is done about those. All vapor shops in my area require that you must be 18 years of age to purchase. The problem i feel resides in lack of parental control. i do feel that the fda should do studies on the different chemicals used and thier long term affects on us as humans, however the articles such as above, i feel are just trying to make everyone scared of the said products. Smoking ciggs has killed many and continues to everyday. the lack of knowledge of the product and the lack of knowledge of the purpose of these devices is what is harming us. E-cigs are supposed to be a healthier alternative, not a healthy alternative. i feel people fail to realize that this is a stop smoking device. obviously the flavors appeal to younger crowds, as do flashy lights at casinos. adults enjoy these flavors as well. it says the fda found that in 2 different devices, there were unsafe chemicals. the next sentence states that there are over 400 different types. i feel we are not looking at any of the positives that this has done for people, only the negatives. i personally have had over 10 people switch over to vapor and have thanked me beyond belief. many have tried other methods of quitting smoking and have not found success. vapor isnt as bad as these articles make it out to be. i feel that the real problem is that the government makes a lot of money from the tobacco industry and with the vaping market on the rise, the tobacco market is now seeing a potential problem and trying to scare everyone. why isn't there any articles posted stating a comparison to cigarettes? where are the articles that talk about the positive sides of vaping. sorry but imho, the lack of knowledge of e-ciggs purpose, the lack of knowledge of the product and the lack of parental control is the only problem we really have here.

  2. Gravatar for Eric Chaffin

    I assure you that I do not work for the government and am not trying to simply scare anyone. The simple point of the article is if you do not smoke and are considering alternatives, the best solution is to quit all together. If you do not smoke and think (as some young people I talk to do) that using e-cigarettes is safe, and that by starting on e-cigs rather than smoking actual cigs, is "safe" they could be mistaken. There needs to be more research and regulations, just as there are for the big casinos with bright lights.

  3. Gravatar for Bill

    Essentially, there is a war between the prohibitionists like CDC Tom Frieden, CLA Penny Marshal, ALA Honold Wimmer, and some individuals at WHO that have an unrealistic goal of a nicotine free world and those who believe Nicotine Reduction Therapy or whatever stops a person from smoking is good.

    We know that it is the smoke that kills. We have learned now that nicotine is not the poison we have been lead to believe. Enter the e-liquid devices and its a new game. E-cigarettes are safe and are an excellent smoking cessation device. What are the prohibitionist to do...mainly put out dishonest and less-than-rigorous studies like the ones from UCSF anti-tobacco dept. headed by mechanical engineer Tom Glantz. Have bloggers write misleading stories with misinformation like this story....and that is all it is, a story. US Big Tobacco sees the writing on the wall. It is buying up e-cig companies just to be in a business in a few years. E-liquid devices such as e-cigarettes will severely damage the tobacco industry worldwide. And those that enjoy nicotine will be vaping away without the health effects of tobacco. And other will be vaping zero nicotine e-liquid for recreation.

  4. Gravatar for Joe

    I completely disagree with this article and think these so call "medical professional" have no idea what they are saying. They must have their hands in the pocket of big tobacco bc I can attest first hand that if you smoke e cigs you also smoke analogs. Infact, ecigs saved my life and my health. I smoked over a pack a day for 15 yrs, tried everything to quit, the gum the patch, chantix and i wasnt able to quit until i found e cigs. Now i cant even stand the small let alone the taste of cigarettes. I am much healthier, i am able to participate in physical activities again. It is the single best invention created to quit smoking to date, why would you want to ban something that is helping so many people.?

  5. Gravatar for Eric Chaffin

    Joe, good point about safety being relative. For a smoker converting to e-cigs, they hopefully are safer. I think the point is that if the e-cig manufacturers are going to make this claim, it needs to be evaluated and supported by science, which requires regulation. Am sure everyone would agree that we want to avoid another "light cigarettes" debacle (and get your point that facially and the e-cigs are clearly in a different category). And of course from a public health standpoint, hopefully people are switching from cigs to a safer alternative, and e-cigs are not converting non-smokers into e-cig smokers. Great daialogue and appreciate your's and others' candid thoughts.

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