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Eric T. Chaffin

FDA Warns Some Patients to Avoid Viberzi

Individuals who have irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) typically suffer from symptoms like abdominal pain, cramping, bloating, and diarrhea or constipation. Viberzi (eluxadoline), a prescription drug manufactured by Allergan, was approved in 2015 to treat IBS and help people manage their […]

Roopal Luhana

22 Plaintiffs Claim Zostavax Injuries in New Jersey Lawsuit

On August 17, 2017, plaintiffs filed a new Zostavax lawsuit against manufacturer Merck & Co., Inc. Zostavax is a shingles vaccine that is meant to help reduce the risk of shingles in individuals 60 and over. The plaintiffs claim that […]

Roopal Luhana

Drug Meant to Compete with Actemra Unlikely to Gain FDA Approval

On August 2, 2017, Janssen Biotech, Inc., a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (J&J), announced that the Arthritis Advisory Committee of the U.S. FDA did not recommend approval for the proposed rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug “Plivensia (sirukumab).” The Arthritis Advisory […]

Roopal Luhana

With Questions Surrounding Actemra Side Effects, Genentech Pursues New Indication

Despite the concerns about Actemra side effects raised by a June 2017 STAT News report, manufacturers Genentech and parent company Roche are pursuing new indications for the drug, in an effort to increase sales. One of the latest is systemic […]

Eric T. Chaffin

Jury Punishes AbbVie for False Advertising in First MDL Verdict

In June of 2014, the U.S. Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation (JPML) consolidated all federally filed testosterone-replacement therapy (TRT) lawsuits into one court in the Northern District of Illinois. District Judge Matthew Kelley decided early on that trials would be […]

Roopal Luhana

Georgia Woman Blames Onglyza for Heart Failure

On July 24, 2017, a Georgia woman filed a new Onglyza lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia. She alleges that after she took Onglyza (saxagliptin) and/or Kombiglyze XR, which is a combination of saxagliptin […]

Kendra Goldhirsch

Study Asserts Doctors Ignoring Contraindications When Prescribing Xarelto & Eliquis

A recent study asserts that doctors are not following safety guidelines when prescribing anticoagulant medications like Xarelto and Eliquis. Both of these drugs are the subject of personal injury lawsuits that have been filed around the country. The study was […]

Roopal Luhana

Xarelto Linked to Over 20,000 Injuries in 2016: ISMP Report

As bellwether trials continue in the consolidated Xarelto Multidistrict litigation (“MDL”) pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, a new drug safety report highlights the dangerous side effects associated with the medication. Xarelto (rivaroxaban) is […]

Roopal Luhana

Invokana Doubles Risk of Lower-Limb Amputations: Study

The type 2 diabetes drug Invokana (canagliflozin) has been linked with some serious side effects, including kidney problems, urinary tract infections, and diabetic ketoacidosis. Now, according to recent studies, it may also double the risk for lower-limb amputation. Researchers presented […]

Eric T. Chaffin

New Report Raises Concerns About Actemra Side Effects

A new report by STAT News has raised new concerns about the rheumatoid arthritis (RA) drug Actemra and its link to serious cardiac injuries. In 2010, manufacturers Roche and subsidiary Genentech released Actemra for sale in the U.S. In their […]